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Hello, I am just about ready to wrap up and sit the CCNA, but I would like to expand my lab first for some practice. I currently have a 2501 and 3640, but came across this ios: c1700-advipservicesk9-mz[1].124-15.T7. Seems pretty sweet. I plan on getting my CCNP next, but from what I hear you need some good lab equipment. My question is: Is this IOS going to cover all or most of the CCNP topics? I would like a few a opions before I go crazy and buy a bunch a 1760's. I already spent $125 on the 3640, but it seems the IOS for this router cannot cover things like MPLS. I know there is a ton of documentation on IOS versions, but the dilema is since I am not on the CCNP level there is a lot to learn about IOS versions, but I would just like to buy something that will not be obsolete for me a couple of months down the road.


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    There is a thread a few below this one which highlights some various CCNP lab configurations.

    A good tool for identifying features contained in an IOS or looking for an IOS which supports features you desire is located on Cisco's website here.
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    If you don't have easy access to IOS images, you might want to find the router you want first, then ask the seller what IOS is on it. An IOS you happen to have is probably not the best starting point.

    Having said that, the one you referenced is an advanced IP services image and will most likely be fine for the CCNP. Use Msteinhilber's links to check it out.

    Good luck with your lab.

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    A "c1700" will not work on a 2500 or a 3640.
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