Passed 70-620

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Passed with a 764. Not quite the score I was looking for but can't complain for only read through chapter 8 of the MS Press book.

I found this exam the hardest to study for so far. The content is just so boring. I found myself getting distracted by cleaning the bathroom as that was more interesting.

I had 15 sims. All were very straightforward as others have said. had one or two about Tablet PC. Know your Windows apps folks.

Off to 70-431 for the MCTS, SQL Server 2005 to complete my elective for MCSA.

BTW - great tip I picked up on the board about resetting the sims after poking around. I always stuck to the task at hand and was uncertain about extra clicks, never realized I could reset to start the sim over.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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    congrats! that's a lot of sims
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    Congrats!!! I had about the same number of sims. And I agree the test was hard to study for as the MS Press book was very boring.
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    but yeah, i must admit that book is very boring. I'm reading the book now for my 70-621, and it shouldnt be taking me this long to finish, but the material is so blah...
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