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Hello All,

My company set a certain (ip address range + subnet) for a certain department and that ip was set for a certain VLAN.

Let say (This is just an example) :
Subnet : (/24)
So the range is : -
VLAN : 1542 is used for gateway ( core router X )

Let say the network is like this :
Core Router X ----> Switch A ----> PCs

The Core is a 6500 series multilayer switch, and It was configured SVI = switched Virtual Interface for that VLAN 1542 for inter VLAN communication.

The workstations/PCs are assigned IP addresses based on that range, and the ports were set a certain VLAN for each port (switchport access)

My question is :
Assuming that all PC are on the same VLAN 1542 :
Do you know what regulates ip addresses which assigned to PCs ?
Why does If I change the IP to different range, it will not work ?
Which configuration can make IP addresses on the PCs must follow the range that was set or
designed initially ?

Is that because the ip address range was configured in the SVI, so that the PCs ip address have to follow that range ?
What if some of the PC was not set to that VLAN ?
Let say PC comp1 and PC comp2 are not set to VLAN 1542(switchport access on the interface was not set).
Can those 2 PCs assigned IP addresses outside the range ?

Please help.

Thank You,



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    First you need to understand how a pc will attempt to access devices on its own subnet and how it will attempt to access devices off its subnet. Once you have a good understanding of that I think you will have your answers.
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    Anybody knows ??

    Please help !!

    I appreciate that very much...


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    This is a study forum, networker050184 has provided you with a clue as to what to look at. Study ARP, default-gateway and the difference between routin & switching.
    You have a ccna so you should know this, if you always try and take the easy way out you wont learn anything.
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    CCNA...! Both provide very good points and already told you the 80% of the answer. If you are CCNA, then I assume you also at least understand basic networking and windows env. I thinkg you got mix up on the concept. Break down the question and look from different perspective. Then you will know why.
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