Question about following up.

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I posted the other day about an interview I had recently. It seemingly went well, as the president of the company wanted me to call him when I got back in town from training.

Well, I got back Thursday night and called him Friday. He seemed happy that I called and we talked for a minute. He mentioned that him and the other guy hadn't gotten a chance to discuss anything yet because he had been out sick.

He was supposed to get in touch with me early this week, but as of yet I haven't heard anything.

I was just you all think I should wait until after the Holiday, like a week from today? I had either planned on calling then, or tomorrow, before Christmas Eve, as I don't want to be rude and call him any later than that.

Should I just be patient and wait?


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    If he said early this week relax its only Monday!!!

    I'd give it until after the holidays. Businesses are usually running skeleton crews during the holidays so not many major decisions being made.
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    Usually, after a week. You should send in follow up letter if you really want the job.
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