Hi, Urgent Need of Advice!

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My name is Ted, im 20 yrs old and im doin my bachelors(computer science) nd still hav a year lleft to graduate.
My problem is that being a student of cse, im really weak in programming and so obviously intrested in networking which involes less programming.
So could u guys please please! Guide me in what courses to attend and what should i do with my career..? and i will also be doing my masters but dont know in what(i mean specialization).
So please help me what should i do now presently with a year still left for graduation? and as im weak in C programming any tips to learn it better and what should i do to be ahead of others...i askin U bcoz u hav an experience in life and may had REGRETTED of what you must had done...so plz guys guide me!!!


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    Hi Ted,

    If your C programming skills are weak you need to practice a lot. Its like playing piano , if you are not talented you just need to practice, practice, practice and one day you will see improvements.
    Regarding certifications, I believe that without any work experience you will not get a good job solely based on a certification, no matter what it is.
    Finnish your degree, get a job and after some time and work experience you can try to certify in networking(CCNA,CCNP,CCIE).

    Good luck
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    Thanx for ur advice, Joenash!
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    My advice - use a spell checker when you write your resume.
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    If you are not good as CS, then why did you not change major? You have four years to make up your mind what you want to be. Forget about the Graduate school. If you cannot figure what you want, then forget about advanced education.

    It is your life and change to something that you like. If CS is not good for you, then move to IS or something else that you are good as and insterested.

    Do not waste time, life is short.
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    I love CS, and i want to go towards networking(get ccna).
    Im interested in Q&A testing and SQL DBA as i felt DBA coding was pretty simple....so what do u guys think?
    How are the careers as DBA and Q&A and what do they require mostly?....Does Q&A has less program coding(as im poor in c)?????
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