Prefix-list vs ACL

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So I have been running through some router filtering labs and I had a question on the difference between an IP prefix list, and an ACL, and when to use what.

For example:

Router A connected to Router B, both in OSPF area 0
Router A is advertising the networks,, and

On Router B, we add:

distribute-list 1 in
access-list 1 deny
access-list 1 permit any

In this case, we would not install in the routing table, but the other routes would.

Now if we were to do this with a prefix-list:

distribute-list prefix BLOCK in
ip prefix-list BLOCK deny
ip prefix-list BLOCK permit

And we get the same result.

My question is, why would you use one over the other? I know that prefix lists allow the GE and LE option to offer some more flexibility, but when talking about specific routes, I don't understand the difference.

Thanks for any input


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    It is really your call but prefix lists are generally the most convenient way to filter networks in BGP. In some cases, however for example, when you want to filter odd and even networks while you also control the mask length, then extended access lists will offer you greater flexibility and control than prefix lists.

    With a prefix-list you can pull entries out of a sequence, and insert them without re-writing the entire prefix-list again.

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  • dtlokeedtlokee Posts: 2,381Member
    You can achieve the same results with both methods as you demonstrated. I find prefix lists to be more convenient and will typically use them. You can use extended access-lists to achieve some odd matching rules but I typically don't find a need to do that in production.

    For my money it doesn't get any better than prefix-lists.
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  • GT-RobGT-Rob Posts: 1,090Member
    haha sounds good. I was seeing the same results, but I just wasn't sure if there was something happening that I was missing.

    Also, I have noticed on some IOS releases, that the doesn't work unless I throw on ge 1, just in case anyone has ever had a problem with that.
  • dtlokeedtlokee Posts: 2,381Member
    I would use le 32 to match all routes
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