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Here is my resume. Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated. I cannot get contacted with my old very basic resume. So I went through these forums and used a different template. But im sure it needs help. I desperately want something more than what I have at the moment.


• A+
• Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)
• Working toward earning Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

• Experience with many operating systems and software applications: DOS, Windows 3.11/95/98/2000/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows CE/Mobile 5, Ubuntu Linux, Macintosh OSX 10.5, MS Office 2003, Open Office, MS Outlook 2003, Internet Explorer 4.0/5.0/6.0/7.0, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Symantec Ghost, Norton Antivirus, Trend PC-Cillin, Trend Micro Office Scan, AVG Anti-virus, Citrix Metaframe, Ultra VNC, VMWare Server, Microsoft Virtual PC, Microsoft Visual Basic, WebEx, Vertical Televantage IP Telephony, Funk Proxy Master, Hyper Terminal.
• Extensive experience with installation, repair, configuration, operation, and maintenance of IBM compatible desktops and laptops: Gateway, Dell GX50/GX60 to include peripherals: scanners, modems, PC/PCMCIA cards, thermal printers, inkjet printers, laser printers, wireless AP’s, servers, switches, hubs, wireless routers, wireless cards, network interface cards, video cards, sound cards, hard drives, memory, AMD and Intel processors/motherboards, and removable media.
• Experience with various network protocols and specifications: TCP/IP, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX, 1000 BASE-TX, Fiber Optic networks.
• Extensive software/hardware troubleshooting skills, both in stand-alone and Client/Server environments.
• Exceptional Leadership. Strong verbal and written communication. Excellent customer-oriented inter-personal skills.


• Helped customers with their needs giving advice with various jobs
• Kept track of inventory
• Assembled various machines and other goods
• Cashiered and greeted customers

• Installation, operation, and preventative maintenance of computer systems, thermal printers, touch screens, and handheld scanners.
• Assign and administer solutions through a helpdesk ticket service.
• Responsible for taking non-working production computers from other facilities and using their components to reassemble working PC’s.
• Sending off computers and accessories for warranty service.

AMERICAN SENTINEL UNIVERSITY, BIRMINGHAM, AL 10/07 Bachelor’s of Science in Management Information Systems

SNEAD STATE COMMUNITY COLLEGE, BOAZ, AL 08/05 Associate’s of Science in Computer Science



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    I'd drop the "experience with" from the skills section. It's implied that you have experience with OS's, programs, technology, etc. if you're listing them there.

    One small nitpicky thing I noticed - when you list your A+ cert, you want to list it as "CompTIA A+ Certified Professional" rather than just "A+"...it sounds better, and it's technically the correct way to list it. Also, I'd remove the part about working towards your MCSA - you can include that info on a cover letter, and you can change the MCP line to include the test(s) you have passed if you want to show your progress.

    In your employment history, switch up the order in which you list your jobs - you want to go in reverse chronological order, which will work to your advantage because you also want the reader to see your computer-related experience first.

    I'd also recommend moving your education higher up on your resume - put it either before or after your certifications...my choice would be before the certs. Having a BS in a computer related field is something you want to tell someone right away and brag about, not something you want to make the reader wait to see - it's an attention grabber, and if they get distracted part way through your resume, they may never get to the bottom & see you've got a degree. And I'd remove the A+ training course...you passed the A+ and in my opinion employers won't really care so much about *how* you did it.
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    thank you. I took your advise and did everything you said. I definitly need help with it because before today I didnt have any skills listed. Just basically a job description of what I did at my previous jobs.

    I also want someone to take a look at my cover letter. It too needs some work. I wanted to have one but didnt know how to really go about it. Here it is:

    I am ready to progress my career and I believe I am looking for the opportunity to use and further my skills in the field of IT. I have completed A+ certification and I am also a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). I am working towards earning MCSA certification as well. My honesty, punctuality, dependability, recently completed education, and eagerness to learn and improve skills makes me a strong candidate for this position. While working at Weathers, I gained beneficial knowledge of how to deal with a variety of customers. Recently, I graduated from American Sentinel University with a degree in management information systems. Although I am fresh out of college, I have worked for years with computers. Computers have always been a great interest of mine. I enjoy working with and learning new skills on computers. I’ve done numerous repair and installation jobs for friends and family. I have worked hard to balance family life and school. Now that I have completed my B.S. degree, I am ready to enter the job force. I’ve always been known as a self-starter, and I am able to work alone or with other people. All of my references will tell you that I am a very hard worker that will not stop until the job is completed.

    Please give my resume your consideration in selecting candidates to interview. I can be reached anytime via my cell phone, ***-***-****. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking with you about this employment opportunity.


    Any help with this would be appreciated as well. I cannot even get an interview the way I had them before.
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    Skill set should reflect your working experience because self-studying do not mean anything to recruiter or any IT manager. Certification is to enhance your skill and if you are technician at the store, then A+ and your hardware skill show that you have the experience.

    Remember resume is to sale yourself to the recruiter. Keep it clean and detail to keyword that the job you apply for.

    You need to work on your resume.
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