Vista Dual Monitor problems

Mmartin_47Mmartin_47 Member Posts: 430
Currently have 2 Acer 22" LCD monitors and a eVga Nvidia 8600 GTS video card.

Upon boot the left screen is supposed to show POST and the entire boot process. Now the monitor on the right screen handles that. Also Vista is not detecting my 2nd montior and sets the one on the right as primary (supposed to be on the one on the left, same monitor that isn't being detected). I switched the cables around on both DVI ports and now the monitor that wasn't working earlier came on and is fine.

Afterwards, I got both of them working. Turns out the monitor that wasn't being detected at first, states its "non- P&P". Had to set a custom resolution in NVidia control panel to force the resolution it was using before. Any ideas?


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