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Hope someone can help. I just found this software online that you can create a disk image on a network share, and also create a boot rescue CD to locate the image file. In my case i have the image on a share, and i created a boot disk so i can find the image on that share, but the boot disk i use doesn’t find any network drives, i cant map anything or even ping anything. When i login to windows i have all the drivers installed. How would i add the necessary NIC driver on the boot disk so it loads the correct driver so i can find the network?

also i'm using Bart PE software from Macrium.com, I’ve used other free ones too from that site and neither detect network.
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    Can you verify the IP settings (DHCP, DNS, etc.)? Is the NIC not loading at all or or you just having problems connecting to the network share? If you need to add NIC drivers, look for DOS versions from the vendor's website and add them to the boot disk by following the instructions on the boot disk website. You could also try using the Windows Ultimate Boot CD since it seems to have better NIC driver support.


    If the network card is fine, is the share on a server that is a member of an Active Directory domain? I have had problems in the past with free network clients or old versions of Samba that will not authenticate to a Windows server in a domain or with a Windows AD user account. This includes the Bart PE boot disk. We eneded up hosting our images on a SNAP NAS device before we went to Ghost Server and finally WDS.

    If you really want a free, scalable disk imaging solution you should check out Windows Deployment Services since it is included with Windows. If you really need your current solution to work, then we will need to discuss the server authentication methods and differences between versions of NTLM and Kerberos.
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