Looks like my countless weekends of torture (studying) have finally come to an end. Passed the exam with a 796...not too bad but a pass is a pass, right?

My first try I failed with a 582 (or 562, I forget which one) but I was very dissapointed after studying the MS Press book for so long.

I found though that for me the MS Press book wasnt enough. Thanks to the sticky posted of royal's links to different sites for more info (mainly DNS and DHCP) I grasped better what I didnt know to well. Also it helps that I saw about 5,7 familiar questions from the previous exam. It helps to know as well RRAS more in detail in how it works versus simply reading it. The MSPress practice exercises are not enough in order to fully understand all of the topics (especially myself since at my current IT dept they severely limit what I can do on a server -- so VMWare or practice machines are a must).

I also tried TestOut's CD for the 70-291 which helped clear up alot of RRAS/IPSec type questions as well as DNS/DHCP.

All in all, its all about persistence...if you don't know your stuff your not gonna fly by this one.

I think for now I am done with MS' exams. I am going to go for Network+ and then Security+. From there I'll cool down until I can upgrade my MCSA to the Server 2008. Or what do you all think?
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    Congrats!! icon_thumright.gif

    If you start with Network+, then it will be a nice intro for Security+. Are you planning on using either for your MCSA elective? (Just an FYI in case you don't know, to use the N+ as an elective you need to also have the A+ cert.)
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    Well, I think for now I am done with MS certs until the need comes up in the future. I am aiming more towards Network+ > Security+ > CCNA.

    I'll checkout the Network+ forum for any good study guides. BTW -- the guys here on the forum def. helped out when asking questions for the stuff I didnt get. Thanks to all!
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