No raise for you....

A memo I received this morning that went out too all staff, looks like they're pushing the review dates back.

The Common Review Date (CRD) will allow each business unit and department to review employees on an annual basis, comparing the same performance time frame for each employee. This is especially important within our business where different seasons or events during the year can dramatically impact performance. The key points associated with our move to a Common Review Date (CRD) are as follows:

• All performance reviews and corresponding merit increases that are due up to December 31, 2008 will be completed.
• Effective January 1, 2009 we will begin preparing for the Common Review Date of July 1, 2009. All reviews for 2009 will be completed during the period from April 1st to May 15th, 2009.
• Any employee hired within the first six months of each year will not participate in the Common Review process until the following year. These employees will receive a performance review after their first six months of employment. However, they will not qualify for a merit increase until the following year Common Review Date.
• A new performance review form will be used for all full-time employees. As part of the new process, you will be asked to do a self evaluation of your performance and return it to your supervisor prior to the evaluation period (April 1st to May 15th, 2009). This new form will be circulated by March 1st to allow employees time to conduct the self evaluation.

from reading it seems that I will not have my reveiw until July 1st which will be the earliest I get my raise icon_sad.gif This really sucks, as my review was SUPPOSE to be on Jan 2nd. My manager is off today and won't be back until friday so I can't ask him about this.
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    A lot of people are having a lot worse cutbacks for the entire 2009 year including myself. Heck, Microsoft is about to lay off 17% of their workforce. Be happy you still have a job and don't have it as bad as others.
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    Yep. My company cut health insurance benefits and eliminated the 401k matching, which combined cost me about $8K in compensation. It's either that or layoff people.
    Good luck to all!
  • sambuca69sambuca69 Posts: 262Member
    I hear ya... I got no raise and no bonus this year. This was for all I.T. people. Of course, our investment folk got some nice packages to keep them from jumping ship, but what can I say.. in my next life I'll be a financial advisor.

    Yeah, it sucks big time and I was really counting on both, but it could be much worse.
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    I got a 4% paycut and no reason to expect a raise in the coming year. But i don't feel bad. It was everybody takes a 2-6% pay cut or they start letting people go. Since i have the least amount of seniorty in the office I have no problem taking a small cut in pay. Beats unemployment.

    Side note, my previous employer made a "donation" in each persons name to a local charity this year. Could be worse.
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    Nothing new to us....
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