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So let me first say that I know what I am about to ask you guys is ultimately up to me and I understand this. I just wanted to get a feel as to what some of you would do if you were in my situation and what you think the market trends will be in the foreseeable future.

I am currently active duty Navy, I have been for the last 11 years. I do IT, I love doing my job, it's always changing which means it's always new. I am due to get out in May, I had been so sure I was getting out up until the economy really decided to head south and now I am a little unsure about if/when the economy will rebound. I currently have orders to Hawaii if I stay in, if that happens I'll be in for 20 years. I don't mind the Navy, only problem I have are these random assignments to Iraq and Afghanistan, I didn't join to carry a gun around in the desert. I was/am intending to use my clearance to latch onto a government contracting company and IT for them.

I guess what I am asking with with the current economic state and the future of said state, would you be more inclined to stay in even given there is a possibility you would be deployed to one of the two countries or would you chance the job market thinking that it will pick up by May of next year?

Thanks looking forward to hearing your guy's responses.


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    If I were you I would really try to stick it out to 20 since you are so close. That will give you some time for the economy to correct and earn you the pay check to aid in your job search!

    I understand about the assignments overseas, I have been there twice myself, but did you really think as a member of the military you would not be sent to war? Not to be a jerk, but that is what the military is for. I know you are Navy, but you are still part of the ARMED forces.....

    I got out because I was tired of going over and missing my family too, but I only had six and a half years in. If I would have been over ten I would have stuck it out. IMO if you are over half way you are only cheating yourself getting out.

    Good luck on what ever path you choose though!
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    Not in the military, but I have gone to school with a lot of Navy guys. If you going to get out you'll have no issue with getting a government contracting job. There are a ton and the big thing is knowing the military systems. I have a friend who got out of the Navy, got with a firm making $80k a year consulting in the US only, got a bonus after being there for a month and then you joined the Navy Reserve to continue to get some years and extra pay. He has in writing he will not be deployed for two years. I would say understand that a lot of contractors are being sent to the place you don't want to go. But I'd agree that if you can stick it out to your 20 then do it. Why not be able to start a new career while being paid by another? $1500 a month from a military retirement you can draw immediately on top of whatever you make at the civie job is awesome! Good luck!
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    I vote go for the 20.

    With the economy tanking I wouldn't count on those government contractor jobs being there. While Health, Education, and Government seem to still be hiring, I'd bet those budget deficits we're hearing about will eventually cause those broke state & local governments to downsize or at least implement hiring freezes -- even if they get part of a new Federal Government bailout.

    If you're lucky in a few years they'll offer the "early outs" or "early retirements" again like they've done in the past. One of the guys I served with got credit for 20 years (and a chunk of cash) by leaving at 18 years (and he then jumped on the government contractor gravy-train and started double-dipping 2 years later).
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    The new govn't will cut down the contractor job because of the conflict of interest issue. Also, 9 more years and you can retired. In addition, what wrong with carrying a weapon. You are sailor and you took the oath to protect this country both foreign and domestic. OK

    Anyway, you should have problem looking for a job. However experience and networking is very important. There are many job fair at VA/DC/MD area. Also, there career session before you get out the Navy.

    Good Luck
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