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Hey, has anyone used this book? I checked it out on Amazon and took a peek inside. I thnk its great that they go through the objectives of a test. To me it looks like a good cram book....Just wanna know what others think of it who have read it. Hope everyone had a good new years and let this year be all of our year to shine.

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    I used it and it was ok. My N+ test was so weird I dont think any book could have really prepared me.

    I used MM's N+ Passport, EC2 + Q&A booklet.
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    I've used the Passport books for some of my exams. They're great as last-minute refreshers or for review after tanking an exam and needing to go back and re-read a little bit of everything once you've covered your weak areas. Definitely not good enough to be a stand-alone study tool, but absolutely a great supplement to a full study guide.

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    I'm a fan of Michael Myers.. most of his products are really good. I used Net+ Passport as a last minute prep and it was good. I was able to rent it from the library.
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