70-621 Has any taken this?

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Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anyone here has taken the 70-621? What are your opinions of this? What certification level does this give me?



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    if you have an MCDST, this exam would upgrade you to MCITP Enterprise Support. By itself it doesn't look like it gets you anything other than an MCP.
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    Not sure why you would take it on it's own, but per Microsoft, 70-621 fills any 70-620 requirements, so you would get the MCTS: Vista Config for it, the same as if you just took 70-620.

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    Incorrect good sir. The 70-621 exam is only valid if you have the MCDST.

    As per Microsoft.

    The MCDST credential is a prerequisite for this exam; without it your transcript will show that you passed the exam but will not show credit for the resulting certifications.

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