How hard is A+

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Do i need it is first question, been in IT for 5 yrs now, Im MCSE in 2003, working towards the 3 upgrade exams to MCITP Enterprise, everyone talks about A+ and N+ being a good foundation, but without being sinical about A+ and N+ but is it worth me doing it? I see people on here in the Microsoft forums all with A+ and N+.
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    in your case, I'd say that it's not worth it unless an employer specifically requires it. You've got way more advanced certs, and A+ & Network+ are intro level certs. If you want to go for them & have the time & money to spare, then by all means go for it, but I don't think they'd be super-duper additions to your resume.
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    unless you just WANT to throw $460 out the window at certifications that are far below your MCSE, I would say there is zero ROI for you and not worth the time.
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