Teaching 3.5, some thoughts

Well, I've been gone for a little while in cramville. Somehow, I am booked all next month for .NET 3.5 teaching.

As MCT's, we are allowed to teach a technology until 3 months after the exams come out. The upgrade exams haven't even come out for 2.0 to 3.5. Anyway, I had not planned on teaching 3.5 for a few months, but I got talked into it by a training center, and then another training center, and then another training center. Somehow, I'm booked to teach .NET for the first 3 weeks of Feburary.

Here are my thoughts:

1. I've spent a lot of time in the library revising the Microsoft Curriculum. The current Microsoft curriculum is clearly incomplete. I can see students really struggling.

2. I've become a believer that JSON is better than XML.

3. The 2008 path, though more marketable, is harder at current due to the fact that there aren't a whole lot of good materials to start with.

Well, Saturday, I'm going to meet with another training center at lunch to become their primary programming instructor -- on a contract basis. Should be fun and I get free lunch out of the deal!

Wish me luck.. after that, the drama begins.. I get to teach experienced programmers a new technology.
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