Configuring MGCP for CCM question

When starting to configure an MGCP gateway for CallManager, here are two pertinent commands to get things rolling (example below):

(config)#mgcp call-agent
(config)#ccm-manager mgcp

According to the notes I have, the first line configures the GW to point to the CCM server as the GW's call agent. The second line enables the GW to communicate with the CCM server via MGCP.

So my question is - what is the difference between the two commands? Yes, the first line points specifically to an IP address and the other doesn't, but beyond this, they apparently do the same thing. Could someone do a better job of explaining the difference(s)? Thanks.
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  • LuckycharmsLuckycharms Member Posts: 267
    since we have talked a few time.. I am going to tell you to do something that will help you out more than answering the question...

    1. Turn off MGCP ( no mgcp)
    2. debug mgcp "all"/"events"/"state" ( * make sure you type "terminal monitor" if telnet/ssh and make sure it is a lab environment.)
    3. Turn on MGCP ( mgcp )
    4. type your commands... see the difference...

    Now if you have questions after that I will be more then happy to try my best to answer them.
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