Network+ and CCENT/CCNA

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For those of you that have done both,

What is the difference, obviously doing one will help with the other, my question is which one should i do first???

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    I haven't done both, but in comparing the exam objectives, the Network+ exam is more focused on client/server side stuff while CCNA is more focused on the setup of the stuff that lets all those clients & servers talk to each other. If you're new to networking topics and are planning on taking both, Network+ might be a good place to start - it's fairly broad in topics, but it's not too too hard and would probably lay a good foundation for the CCNA. You'll learn about certain technologies in Network+ studies that you'll actually learn how to implement in CCNA.
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    Rather than choose one over the other, I highly recommend taking the time to go through the Network+ material. It will seem dated and non-relevant as it covers various vendor perspectives, but knowledge is power and it'll open up your views to visualizing physical topology as you prepare to take on Cisco.

    CCENT/CCNA... As everyone says, its the Cisco way of networking. You will learn everything that you need at that level to work with their hardware and whatever their perspective is on networking. They are vastly different IMHO, but there is some slight overlap such as IPv4 subnetting.

    Do both anyways. As an MCP, Network+ works toward MCSA 2003 elective.
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    mamono wrote: »
    As an MCP, Network+ works toward MCSA 2003 elective.

    You actually need the A+ and the Network+ to satisfy the elective requirement. And as you noted, it only works for the MCSA, not the MCSE.

    +1 on the rest of your post; good advice.
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    Network+ = Trivia
    Cisco = Real usable knowledge
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    nevolved wrote: »
    Network+ = Trivia
    Cisco = Real usable knowledge
    Very true.

    Network+ is gonna be way more general. "vendor" neutral as they call it. Vendor neutral sounds good on paper, but in the real world comapnies need Cisco and Microsoft knowledge. That is what they will look for on your resume.

    Tried and true path to a strong "network support" guy -

    then move into specializations as you see fit after some experience.
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    Thanks Guys!!!

    I will be using the A+ and N+ for an elective for my MCSA, I will also be getting the CCENT and CCNA later on down the track... I just wanted to now if I should do the CCNA before the N+, but as most of you suggested, I will do the N+/A+ and then move to cisco!!!

    Thanks for the clarity and peace of mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Failure is a stepping stone to success...
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    nevolved wrote: »
    Network+ = Trivia
    Cisco = Real usable knowledge

    Haha :)
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