70-294 booked... in a bit of a rush

Argh I've done it again... Ive gone and booked 294 for Wednesday, I passed 293 last Thursday and I've been studying up for 294 since. Everything I've seen so far seems really stupidly straight forward, but I'm midly concerned I'm rushing things a bit.
I'm comfortable with Group Policy for software deployment and settings distribution as well as its inheritance, OU configuration is fine and I'm happy with User and group configuration.
Sites, forest functionality and trusts are all new to me, but I've not seen anything to scare me yet.
Am I in for a nasty suprise here? Anyone got any advice on the exam?


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    I am sorry, I have no advice for you regarding your exam, but I thought I would wish you the best of luck. People have told me that I am moving fast through my MS exams and I don't know that I could do one in less than a week.....kudo's to you for grabbing the bull by the horns.
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    OK apparently less than a week IS too short a time to prepare for an exam. Took it yesterday and came out with 624. My bars for Group policy were both high but my "Plan a User, Computer and Group Strategy" was reeaaallly low. I had some really detailed grouping scenarios and some really trippy GP situations with multiple No Overrides. I'm going to brush up on group nesting and rebook the test for next week after my Grandad's funeral.
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    The exam is surprisingly more difficult than one would expect. It caught me by surprise so I barely scraped by. Good luck getting prepared again and don't forget to hit the labs for those situations you talked about! Experiencing it is worth more than just knowing it. I hope the funeral isn't too rough on you.
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