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Hey guys.

Although, I have already passed this exam, I have a project on "Microsoft Network Moniitor" to do. But seeming as it forms a decent part of the 70-291 exam requirements, any follow up discussions should be of benefit to u guys.

Anyway, my confusion relates to the different versions of Microsoft Network Monitor that are available and the different features each version contains.

Now, I am aware of the fact that there is a full version of Network Monitor that comes with Microsft Systems Management Server. This version basically comes with all the fruit, including the ability to capture network traffic on remote machines.

Windows Server 2003 comes with a trimmed down version (Lite version) with the biggest limitation being that only the local machine can be monitored. My test Server 2003 machine is using "Microsoft Network Monitor 2.1 Lite Version".

But this is where I have got a bit confused. I have recently downloaded Microsft Network Monitor 3.2 from Download details: Microsoft Network Monitor 3.2.

I needed to download this version as I need a solution that will also work on Windows XP client machines. But here's my question. Is this version the full version (as in the one shipped with SMS) or is it just a more recent version of the Lite version that ships with Server 2003. When I click on the >Help >About tab, there is no mention of a "Lite" version. As I dont own a copy of SMS, I am unable to confirm that this free downlaod is the same version that bundles with SMS.

Probably what has confused me even more is the new interface. For a start, there is no "Graph" window/pane which usually contains info such as network utilisation (%). The Lite version on Server 2003 includes this feature. Secondly, as a test, I tried to monitor traffic between my router and a different machine on my home LAN. And yes, the network monitor driver/protocol has been installed on all PCs. My monitoring machine (the one with Network Monitor installed) did pick up traffic that occured between the other machine and my router, but it was reporting incorrect data, such as incorrect source and destination ip addresses. I should point out that all PCs and router are connected to a switch and from what I understand using switches (as opposed to hubs) takes away the ability of the monitoring machine to operate in "promiscuous mode".

So, on the one hand this free 3.2 version seems to have more functionality in terms of its attempts to capture remote traffic but then again, it seems to be missing other vital features such as the Graph pane (I mentioned above), which comes with the Lite Version available on Server 2003.

Can someone please set the record straight for me. Its kind of hard to do a project on Network Monitor when I cant even distinguish between the versions available. Also, if I was using a hub (instead of a switch), would my monitoring machine successfully operate in promiscuous mode?

My thanks in advance
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    Check this out.

    Also, you might be interested in Wireshark.
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    Thanks for that. I suppose that settles the issue.

    Although, I am still confused as to why so many of the useful features such as the "Graph" pane which shows network utilisation is no longer an option. Also, the SMS version is supposed to have several additional features such as "Top User" which basically shows which computer on the network is sending/receiving the most traffic.

    Oh well, at this stage I will just have to settle with the fact that this free version is in fact the full version with all the fruit (even though a whole bunch of fruit doesnt seem to be there).
    The oxen is slow but the earth is patient!!!!
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