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If someone tells you that he will pay for training and exams, and you just have to choose which course to take, would it be :

LPIC-1, LPIC-2, & LPIC-3 or RHCE ?

I read some articles when people who work with Linux very long time, says that only with RHCE you will really benefit, and your certificate will be recognized.

So where is LPIC-3 in that picture, because it's common phrase that if you have LPIC-2 your level is in comparison with RHCE and you will probaby have enough knowledge to pass RHCE.

Is't possible that LPIC-3 certification will be in demand as RHCE ?

Thanks for response :)


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    Running a search for "LPIC" and a separate search for "RHCE" on Dice.com, returned results for 2 and 76 jobs, respectively. Maybe that helps. icon_wink.gif
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    Go for RHCE without a second thought, and the reason is fairly simple --> It can't be dumped (although I heard some stories from actual RHCE who told me that cheating was possible in some countries , but I don't know how ! ).

    Get LPI certs later if you can and if you have enough knowledge, it will definitely be good learning experience, but if you want real benefit job-wise, then RHCE !

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    Do the one that has a Lab Exam.
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    So LPI certification will always be in shade in front of RedHat ?

    I personally like LPI and it's easier for financial side, but ...

    First LPI certifications was for life-time, then they announce that certification will be valid for 10 years, and then they say that certification must renew every 5 years (for your cert to be valid) but they suggest you to renew every 3 years.

    I see that everyone start to be greedy and want to earn lot of money by breaking their own words.

    So may I assume that someday it will be only 3 years and not 5 which is at this moment :)

    If that 's true then it's better to save money, start learning, and just jump into RedHat and stop even bother about other Linux certifications.

    P.S. Don't get me wrong I think that certification that you must renew is the only good certification because it shows that you are investing in your education, and you are up to date.

    I'm lost :p
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    If training and exam is paid for you the "finacial side" shouldn't be an issue :p

    So yea - RHCE all the way !!!
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    RHCE is more challenging, more respected and more detailed per everything I have read.

    What is your Linux background? RHCE isn't something you can learn in a week or two. Most people often use the LPIC exams as building blocks to earn the RHCE.

    Only thing that really stands out to me about LPIC is the Ubuntu server cert, which might gain some attention now days.
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    Well I could probably knock LPIC-1 in a month (with all obligations I have right now).

    I'm just sceptical about LPI that's all, for example you pay 320 $ for LPI certificate (160$ each exam) that goes for LPIC-1 , and that number is the same for LPIC-2, LPIC-3 is 260$ per exam.

    I think that there is bunch of certifications that is much better then LPI for the same price or less.

    In that case why people don't just learn LPIC-1 & 2 on their own, save money and with that money go for RHCE :)
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    LPIC does have the benefit of being vendor-neutral. It depends on what you work with. If you're an RH shop, go for the RHCE. If you're just looking to get better acclimated with Linux in general, go after LPIC. If money's an issue, I don't think you're going to be happy to see what the RHCE costs icon_eek.gif

    I believe there are also a variety of SUSE exams, which may have lab components. You may want to look into that as well if you're going to be working with SUSE.
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    Why did you go for Linux+ and not for LPIC ?

    Because you don't need to renew a certificate or ...
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    It was just a starting place.
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