Test Time, Number of Questions and Vue or Prometric

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I would like to know HOW MANY QUESTIONS AND HOW MUCH TIME ARE YOU PROVIDED TO COMPLETE THE EXAM. Also, did you use ‘Vue’ or ‘Prometric’. I have been studying for about nine months now. SO MUCH STUFF TO KNOW. I'm a student at New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California. They have been very supportive. Great learning environment in Burbank, CA. I have purchased TestOut. IT’S AWESOME. I got a huge discount because I am a student at New Horizons. I'm getting close to feeling equipped for the exam. Thank you for your support.


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    Wow!! 9 months??? You should be ready my friend. I'm set to take this exam in a month. I have a ton of hands on, but jeezus man...9 months. Phew!
    I believe its ~40 questions. Including ~5 sims. That seems to be the consensus around here. Almost all M$ exams are in the area of 3hrs.
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    You'll have to go to a Prometric center as VUE no longer does Microsoft testing.
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    I'm scoring 62% right now on 'SelfTestSoftware'.
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    Not trying to be condescending or anything, but after 9 months at a learning centre, you should be acing the practice tests. IMO, up that score to atleast 85-90% before you sit the actual exam, just so you dont get a nasty surprise. Anything in particular your having problems with?
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    Everyone learns at different rates, so don't worry about how long it takes you. Keep at it, persistence pays off!

    I agree with Essendon in that you want to be scoring 90 percent or better on your practice exams, before you can think about taking the exam. That gives you a little cushion for error. The actual MS exam questions are harder and very long winded.
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