Passed 70-298

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I sat for and passed 70-298 today, and I have to say I was overly intimidated by the test layout, but found it surprisingly easy.

I knew the test format would be 5 case studies, each with a certain amount of questions that had to be answered in a particular time frame. This, to be honest, had me worried. Would I have enough time, would the case be easy to understand, would I have time to read the case and answer all the questions?

When I got to the testing facility, everything up to the test was normal. I read through the terms and everything. I noticed they are now including beta questions that will not count against you. So I start the test and notice the time ticking down from 1x minutes(not sure if telling the time limit is against the terms). I was struck with anxiety and wondered if I would be able to finish. I read the case study, about 6 minutes, and got down to the questions.

This is where it got interesting, almost every questions could be referenced from the case study verbatim. After reading each question I looked back over the case study, and 9 out of 10 times I found the answer staring me down. This of course relived some pressure, but the clock was still ticking the whole time.

I think the time given is somewhat fair considering the ease of the questions. On each study I had anywhere from 5 minutes to 30 seconds left before ending the case study. I would have to say this was not the hardest test I have taken, but not the easiest either.

I am now MCSE and can focus on my VCP (course down, exam up to bat). Once that's completed, it's promotion time.

I don't post much, but do my fair share of lurking, so thanks to everyone who keeps this community going.


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    Congratulations! Welcome to the ranks of the MCSE. :) The 298 is a pretty interesting exam, I think I would have preferred more involved questions with a longer time limit. It felt more like where's Waldo at times.
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    Congratulations, good to hear about your experiences of 298. I've got that coming up after 294 and the format of the test had me a little concerned :)
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    Congrat... too easy :)
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    Congratulations on the pass! icon_thumright.gif

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