Passed Today 844 score

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I passed it when it was a Beta, and had to take it again to get credit..

Test was worded odd, and if you do not pay attention in great detail you will not pass it. Terminology is everything with this test...

I got 4-5 scenerio questions about Social Engineering
I got a question about Stenography
Be sure to know port numbers.. Key ones
SSL Port 443
Kerbereos Port 88

Understanding the reasons for why you would issue a CRL.

I got 3 questions regarding PGP Pretty Good Privacy
Know the encryption mechanisms it runs
Understand the WEB OF TRUST model it uses.

Understand SSL and it's 6 way handshake
Understand it has a 1 way security communication

Know which encryption models use Block or Stream ciphers..

Block vs Stream ciphering

Learn about when it is best to use Asymmetric or Symmetric..

Research which one is best to use with large amounts of data.

A lot of questions are based around


models.. One of my questions was concerning RBAC 3-4 others MAC. No DAC questions.

Very broad test, information and the toughest Comtpia Exam..

Now it's on to Sun Certified Java Associate, and CIW Web Designer.

Good luck, hope this helps point you in some areas to study..

I used, this web site, and the Sybex Book to study.. Plus I am fresh off my Project+ which helped prepare me for Risk Assessment, and Forensic questions on this exam.
Working On:
CIW Database Specialist 1D0-541 90%
CIW Server Administrator 5%
CIW Inter-Networking Professional 5%
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