Am I Ready?

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I'm just finishing up on the Testout Network+ software, I've made flashcards from both the Techexam and Cramsession study guides, My Network+ textbook by Tamara Dean and from the Network section of my A+ textbook by Jean Andrews. The only thing I haven't really done yet is take practice tests because I still can't find a good test engine yet. I have Measure up at home, but the questions are way too easy and I know the exam will be loads tougher than that. The only area I'm still fuzzy on are the troubleshooting scenarios.

I just want to know, based on the experience of you guys, if you all think I'm ready to go for the exam at the end of this month. Thanks for the input and advice!


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    I dont think anyone can truly say when or if you will be ready. However, the best way for you to answer that would be to take practice tests to gauge yourself. I was always told that if you consistently get in the 90% range then you are more than ready.

    I did a search for free practice exams just now. This looks pretty good and seems up to date.

    Network+ Practice Test

    When I took my exam I used measure up, exam cram, transender, along with free practice exams I found online like the link above. I felt prepared for the exam and passed. However the wording of some of the questions threw me in a loop....Finally, Just be cautious about the validity of the free pratice exams....

    Hope this helps and good luck
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    Thanks man for the help, I'm sure I'll be ready for this exam after I finish using these practice questions and exams.
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    What brandon1190 said is correct. Everyone is different. Some will reread the book, others will read a different source to backup what they've read in the first book, and many others such as myself rely on practice tests to gauge when we're ready. As has been mentioned earlier, hitting 90% is a good mark to consistently hit to tell whether you are ready, but keep in mind that those are results coming from a good practice test such as Transcender. There are many threads that talk in depth about the different types of practice tests that are available. Keep up with the studies, you are on the right track! :) Best of luck!
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    I agree with the above. The only other advice i can give is just be aware that majority of the test consists of troubleshooting scenarios. You have plenty of time on the N+ so just really take your time and think them through. good luck :D and u can take some practice exams at these locations:

    Free MCSE, Cisco, CompTIA, LPI, Red Hat, and CIW Exams

    Network+ Sample Questions

    Free Cisco CCNA, MCSE, A+ Practice Tests (Practice Exams)

    keep in mind some of these questions may be a bit out dated but they still should cover most of the material.
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