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I want to start with the CCNA Voice, I have 7910 and 7912 phones, routers with Cisco Call Manager Xpress, and a FXO interface card.

I need models and a nice lab u think i can build in order to become CCNA VOICE CERTIFIED.

Any opinion about this certification of CCNA VOICE certifies would be great!



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    So far we don't have a CCNA Voice forum yet

    Check out the the CCVP forum 'til we get one going

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    And this http://www.techexams.net/forums/ccna-voice/39204-cisco-3640-question.html thread includes this from pitviper (I bolded the really good part :D)
    pitviper wrote: »
    I've personally never used version 3.3 but would have to assume that all of the "core" configuration items and syntax are the same.

    I have a setup almost identical to Mike's in my lab (2651XM, CME 4.x, AIM-CUE) which I used for CCNA:V preparation with no problems what so ever - Honestly, we use CME 4.3 in production environments and with the exception of a few really new non-essential
    items you can't tell the difference. I believe that they changed the CME version names from 4.x to 7.x only to keep them in line with the full blown CM version numbering = same animal.
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    NetwurkNetwurk Member Posts: 1,155 ■■■■■□□□□□
    OK so we do have a CCNA Voice forum and you moved my post where I said we did not have one


    It's cool though

    I Like Ike

    I mean Mike

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    mikej412mikej412 Member Posts: 10,086 ■■■■■■■■■■
    You can thank icon_wm.gif

    I just pointed out that we may already have enough CCNA Voice Home Lab threads to sustain a viable forum icon_lol.gif
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    NetwurkNetwurk Member Posts: 1,155 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Here's the voice portion of my lab:

    vg200 with fxo/fxs ports
    7940 phones x2
    CCM 6 on vmware

    What I'm hoping to add soon is a 2600XM that I can load CME on

    CCM is good to know and was a big help in getting my voice lab functional, but the exam seems to be more about CME

    I prefer the IOS configs to GUI based setups, so I should be able to get CME up and running once I get the right router
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    NetwurkNetwurk Member Posts: 1,155 ■■■■■□□□□□
    Finally got a router for CME (a 2691 256MB w/64MB flash, IOS is 12.4T advipservices)

    Got my two 7940 phones to work with it

    Barebones config is:

    conf t
    tftp-server flash:Pxxxxxxx.bin
    tftp-server flash:Pxxxxxxx.loads
    tftp-server flash:Pxxxxxxx.sb2
    tftp-server flash:Pxxxxxxx.sbn
    load 7960-7940 Pxxxxxxx
    max-eph 10
    max-nd 10
    ip source-address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 2000
    create cnf-files

    This is very barebones, as you need to get the vlans to play nice with your switch.

    (You also need to have the bin, loads, and sb files in your flash directory for it to work)

    Set up your phones manually or use the ip dhcp service on the router to set up dhcp

    If you use the Cisco router dhcp service, the key command there is option 150 ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx (option 150 is for tftp)

    I used the Cisco Telephony CME Lab Portfolio to get my lab going (it's now available on safari online books - hint)

    Anyhow, it's a lot of work and of course passing the test is another thing entirely

    But I'm growing confident that I won't need to spend thousands on a UC500

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