Ubuntu Dual Boot XP = Grub Error 17

bcairnsbcairns Member Posts: 280
Today I went to the local computer store and got the Comptia Linux+ book and a 1 terrabyte harddrive.

My existing system is XP SP2, with 3 drives totalling 1.5 tb space - I wanted to dualboot Ubuntu to help study for this exam and put Ubuntu on the New 1 tb disk (wow 2.5 tb space total).

After the install I rebooted, and got a error:

Grub Error 17

Computer would not boot.

Just thought I would save some poor soul a bit of a headache ...to fix the issue:

Go into your BIOS, turn off quick boot - this will force your computer to reload all the hardware settings and re-read the MBR. Make sure the disk with the MBR is selected as the first startup device.

Save settings and reboot.

Works great I can dual boot Ubuntu and XP.

As a side note XP must be installed first or it will overwrite the MBR and not let Grub start Linux


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