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Passed Project+ today using Sybex and MeasureUp.

For those of you studying, I suggest making a table in Word that includes information about the different types of documents used within a typical project. For example, list the title of each document, its purpose, who receives it, and during which phase of the project it is created/used. This helped me because there were many questions regarding the WBS, Scope documents, Project Charter, Issue logs, and Project Plans.

As for everything else, it shouldn't be too hard to guess. I had questions regarding Risk, dealing with team members and wavering sponsors, Closing out the project, and budget concerns. It was a pretty straightforward CompTIA exam and had a linear format (Initiation questions in the beginning, Closure questions in the end). It also wasn't too wordy. It had just the right amount of information for me to choose the correct answer. Pay attention to words such as BEST (meaning: not the most efficient, but will cover all of your bases), MOST APPROPRIATE (meaning: don't go mad with power when dealing with team members & follow the chain of command), also pay attention to YOUR role in the question, whether you are the project manager, or are filling in for the project manager who is mysteriously out for the day.
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    Congrats on the pass.
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