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Hello guys, just had a quick question that has me concerned. I finished reading the Meyers book and was planning on scheduling the exam for next friday or saturday.... atleast the essentials first. My question to you is are the practice exams that are listed on this site for the A+ useful for the current exams since I know the exam has changed and it seems that the question on this site are kind of outdated and too much memorization. I say this because Ive seen a couple other practice questions/ exams out there more updated and seem easier than the one here. Just wanted to make sure im ready and any input from you guys as to maybe some question you've seen on the exam and what to study more would help a lot, thanks. Darian


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    I agree

    It appears its for the old A+ exam, but there is defo a correllation.

    The links appeared to be expired for most the A+ tech notes unfortunately.

    This website as a whole appears to be good tho

    I am due to take my A+ in 2 days - so we're in the same boat
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    yea ive been taking some practice exams but oh boy.... some are super easy and some others are like wtf do i need to know this for lol. I hate does pins and how long can this be and stuff like that. I have a question, on practice exams out of 100 questions how many can you get wrong to pass the A+ essentials or IT... Whats a passing % or number of answers you can get wrong and still pass?
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    question.... I did an online practice exam and had this question..... which of the following passive components will help with terminating a SCSI bus? my answer was Terminators but it says the correct answer is Resistors.?????!!! I went to the technotes here and i quote "SCSI chains must be terminated using terminators".... so whos wrong or right... and correct me if I have misunderstood the question since I dont know what passive component means.
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    Our A+ practice exams still date from the time A+ still consisted of the A+ Core and the A+ OS exam, and are indeed outdated. Though some topics/questions are still relevant most questions will be removed in two weeks, some may reappear on a new/updated A+ exam a couple of weeks later.

    We just moved to a new server 3 weeks ago and it's possible there are still some artifacts of that event. I'm working on a major update for the entire site but if you notice any links aren't working please send me a PM (except for the links to printerfriendly versions, I'm aware those are not working again yet.)
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    The first couple are ****. Don't use them, you would be cheating. You would also benefit everyone else if you edit the post and remove those links.

    Try these instead: CompTIA A+ Transcender Certification Training - Practice Exams and Online Training
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