ccna wireless vs cwna

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...........hi guys............... ccna wireless or cwna...........which one is better

is there any huge differences between these 2 certifications?...i meant about syllabus

any replies ll b appreciable
.....with luv rameeee


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    check there websites here:

    i cant say about the difference as i have not studied either.
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    There are topics on CWNA that CCNA:Wireless does not cover and vice versa. I believe that it wouldn't hurt to have both because it only means that you'll round out your skill set with more knowledge that can only help you go further in the long run anyways. :) I plan to complete both, just got a confirmation of shipment for my pre-ordered Cisco Press book for CCNA:Wireless. :) Bit excited to start studying wireless seriously!

    I need to download the new materials for the CWNA PW0-104 exam, they were released earlier this week with the new exam.
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    What do you mean by "better?" Which one has more information? Or which one is more likely to get you a job? If it's for getting a job, why not do both?
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    .........any way thanks to ur suggestions

    is there any body knows about the materials for ccna -wireless?

    .....with luv rameeee
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    CCNA Wireless Official Exam Certification Guide (CCNA IUWNE 640-721)

    This book was just released. I just got my copy in the mail yesterday. I haven't had a chance to crack open the cover since I've been studying for something else. It is thinner than my CCNA books.
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    It's thinner than my CCNP books, but I wouldn't judge it by its size...I mean after all, yoda was small, yet he could rock out with a lightsaber, right?

    I've read 2 or 3 chapters so far. It looks like pretty basic stuff so far, but then I've also had several Cisco Press exam guides that seemed to be pretty easy until you got into the actual test material and then you got hit with some heavy details. (Cough...ONT...cough!) When in doubt, I like to use the exam guides as a first read, then go to other sources to study each exam objective at a time more in-depth and then come back to the exam guide and read it again. Then practice exam to find out where I'm weak, rinse, and repeat until I'm ready to test. I figure if it works for CCNP exams, it oughta work for this. :)

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