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Quick Q:

In terms of demand, is working with servers (MS or other) a good path to get into? I read recently on a cert site that more and more server work is being done remotely to save money and with cloud computing coming in it will drastically reduce the available jobs. To those who are server admins, how true does this sound to you?


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    There are going to be people supporting servers regardless of if they in your companies server room or offsite in a large datacenter somewhere.

    The best path to get into isn't always the one that is the best paying, the fastest growing, or the most likely one to keep you employed for a long time. The best path is to find the path that you enjoy the most, work your way down that path and keep yourself up to date with the incoming technologies so you remain marketable. If working with servers is what you like to do, I'd say go for it.

    Another thing to think about too, even if more companies resort to remote administration or if cloud computing takes off big, there are still going to be people who need to support it. One thing you will notice about IT is there are always a lot of people who write articles, or posts, that just love to paint an absolutely miserable picture about the future of IT... I take it with a grain of salt, my theory is if I keep myself up to speed on emerging technologies and I continue to be a generally nice person that I probably won't need to worry about finding employment if a position I was in ever did get eliminated.
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    livenliven Member Posts: 918
    I agree.

    Even if cloud computing takes off. There are way to many companies that have way to many in house apps to just switch immediately. It will take time and it will probably never be a 100% switch. Lots of companies have financial info, or trade info that they will not trust other companies to host/manage. They might use cloud apps, I guess... But it is going to be a while.

    Plus if you are a server guy who is worth a darn, you will learn more than just servers. You will learn some networking and hopefully some scripting. Which will eventually lead you down other roads.

    BECAUSE even if cloud computing becomes the rage. There will still need to be some sort of network to get to the cloud. And end users will need some sort of machine to interface with the "cloud" (what ever the heck it ends up being).

    Follow your heart, work hard, and never stop learning. If you do those things you will be fine.
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