Being specific/vague enough in a resume'

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I think if I list everything I do and the technologies I'm familiar with in my resume it will just look like a bunch of Acronyms humping each other.

I'm back in the job market now and the level of polish on my resume is very important now.


here is the link

Let me know what I can improve.



  • msteinhilbermsteinhilber Member Posts: 1,480 ■■■■■■■■□□
    I would personally remove the cert logos from the bottom as I think they take away from an otherwise very clean looking resume. Next, I would place my certifications on the first page to possibly prevent a quick weeding out from a HR person who gets 100's of resumes and doesn't care to flip to page two.
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    I agree. I'd put education on the first page as well. If you have to go two pages, push the older jobs that are less important to the second one. I don't like the look of the logos either. If you really want to use them, find some nice vector artwork, so you don't get the jaggies.
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    Your resume does look very professional, but I concur with a lot of the posts here and say that you need to move your education and previous work experience to the first page, I had a complete overhaul of my resume about 2 or 3 years ago and it did help to improve it immensely and it will attract a lot more attention to you.
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  • WillTech105WillTech105 Member Posts: 216
    A quick tip a recruiter told me once is that although you should list your "skills", they are mostly only counted when they are USED in your employment section.
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    OK I will revise it by removing the logos, move the education and certifiaction to the front then send it back out. Does the content look OK?
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