Can you help me please?

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My learning provider went into administration a few months ago and has left me buggered, being left with this XP 70-270 exam to do and no teacher to teach me anything, i have however got the MS-Press Training Kit, the MS Learning books, virtual labs and a few other PDF's.

Right now im learning each chapter by chapter of the MS-Press Training Kit 70-270, im reading each chapter, writing notes, reading the summary's and doing the mini-tests (fill out blanks, tick the box etc), by the time i have completed the book, will i have enough knowledge to pass the exam? (after doing practice tests of course) or will i need to read other books etc, just that i only have access to the books as mentioned, i need to pass the exam to get myself one step on the ladder to a job in IT a si have this mass student loan.

Any advice on learning?

Thankyou, it means alot.



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    you should buy some tool like testout for example. Books aren't enough
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    I'd recommend checking out another book or so to help get a bigger picture. Go through the tech notes here and the practice tests here. Make sure you know the material and not just the practice tests.
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    In addition....
    Do you have any computers laying around your house you could build a lab with? If you do, great. If not, I'd maybe suggest trying to get your hands on one or two and build a simple lab when doing these exams. Check ebay or craigslist. I guess it's not critical for this test, but you will definitely want to when doing the server exams.

    BTW, what are these PDF's you speak of? I hope they are not brain ****.
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    Or if you have the resources, run virtual PC and download the XP trial.
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    The PDF's i have are NOT brain ****, brain **** are for cheaters, id rather fail my exam knowing i learnt from brain ****, as i actually want to LEARN the info so that im atleast some use to an employer! My PDFs are some books based on the 70-270 exam!

    As for labs,

    I have MS Virtual PC with atleast 16-20 different setups (clients) ranging from XP Professional, Windows Server 2003, Windows NT4 in all sorts of configurations, excellent for my exams!

    I have actually paid for the XP exam, and 3 server exams, and 2 cisco exams and have been given all the books and labs for all the exams, hence why i have so many labs, its just a shame my IT learning provider went into administration, i got some of the money back and was given a free brand new PC & extra additional books we wanted, so i just have to learn from what ive got!
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    Cool, it sounds like your in good shape then. It's always best to have multiple study resources, which you have. What you already have, plus adding the technotes should be sufficient. If you want to add anything else, maybe throw in a Preplogic or Trascender practice exam at the end. They can be a bit spendy though.

    **I hope you didn't take my PDF brain **** comments personally. There are school and employers out there that give brain **** to there students/employees. Sometimes the employee/student doesn't know any better, uses them, and later finds out it's a brain ****. Brain **** are almost always in PDF form. That's why I asked, I wasn't trying to be accusatory or anything.
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    what are brain's **** and why are they wrong/bad?
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    Dagged wrote: »
    what are brain's **** and why are they wrong/bad?

    CertGuard - Braindumps
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    hmmm... I heard that people after exams exchange information, but thought it is more like exchange experience, because to be honest I can't remember questions I had... I mean I remember few pieces but not like whole question.
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