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Today I passed Server+ exam finally !

I used CBTs, and the Server+ bible book. The material is good and informative, but it's by no means complete. I got questions in the exam that are not in any material and I don't really know from to get a comprehensive material !

I have experience with server support and that what helped me the most. I also attended a lot SUN servers (and storage) classroom trainings. So I have sound background in this arena.

you should know what SAN and NAS is, and you must memorize a lot of SCSI standards, pin numbers (!), cable length, and a lot of things, which i didn't memorize by the way, I just chose the estimate answer or what I felt is close to truth. You should know RAID levels, and how to calculate sizes and whats best in performance...etc.

A lot of easy questions are there that you can answer from you day to day server support tasks and you general network and hardware knowledge.

Also, I can argue for hours about how some questions are WRONG. They suppose you should choose the best answer, but sometimes there's no best answer and all answers are equally good IMHO, but that's normal with multiple choice questions.
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