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After reading about Terminal Server here on Techexams and also in the MS Press book, there's still a few things that I am confused about:

1) When you use Terminal Server in the 120-day trial period, does the Terminal Server Licensing server have to be installed and configured during that time, or do you only have to install it once the 120 day trial period is done?

2) Even though you've configured a user to connect to Terminal Services using Active Directory, do you still have to include certain users in the Remote Desktop Users group on the local terminal server?

3) Do policies for Terminal Server have to be configured in just Active Directory, the local Terminal Server or both?

Thanks for your help in advance
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  • gravyjoegravyjoe Member Posts: 260
    I was able to find the answer to the first one, but the second and third questions I'm still not sure about.
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    I don't work with TS, so this might not be 100% accurate, but I believe you can use either or a combination of both (this applies to both your second and third questions). The advantage of using group policy is that you can centrally manage and configure multiple servers. It wouldn't be a big deal one way or another if you had a single server, but I doubt you'd want to configure 100 servers individually.
  • gravyjoegravyjoe Member Posts: 260
    Thanks for the reply! That makes sense. I never thought of the multiple terminal server scenario.
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