loading linux modules

aueddonlineaueddonline Member Posts: 611
Does anyone know a nice driver to download and install for the purpose of practising loading modules.
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    You can load or unload nearly any "driver" just do "lsmod" and it will show you all loaded modules. Then you can remove them with "rmmod" and load them with "insmod" or use "modprobe" to load them the easy way with all required depending modules.

    Check the /etc directory related to your distribution there should be a file which contains the names of the modules that get automatically loaded during boot.

    If you want to compile modules, just download the kernel sources and make your own kernel, there you can configure how the modules should get compiled (as module or into the kernel).

    Good example for manufacture modules would be nvidia or ati drivers, which can be downloaded on their webpage...
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    well try loading the RPM's. Great help
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    modprobe <module name>

    you might have to do this as root.

    you can also unload modules by:

    modprobe -r <module name>

    That might be distro-dependent...I do know the -r option works on debian
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