Relief! I've done it, MCSE 2003

Cheers for all the help along the way on these forums guys. I only noticed this forum about halfway through my track. I took this course out when I was just 18 thinking 'yea, I know computers inside out' having set up my own workgroup with a DSL router... haha icon_smile.gif

Having a solid 5 years in the IT industry and kick-starting my career quite rapidly, moving from 1st/2nd line support in a mixed Windows and Unix environment to a 3rd line support engineer with consultancy after just 3 years, hard work and passion for my career has enabled me to (just about!) get through the MCSE 2003 track.

The 291 and 293 were the exams that I got in the mid 700s for my score, all my other exams were into the 800s and my 298 was a scorching 973 which i'm proud of as a nice finisher.

I do believe that i've picked up a lot of neat tips and tricks along the way which are already helping me out along the way, but I do admit, quite a bit of the 'MS way' information I learnt for the exams is slowly dissapearing as like many, simply don't use it in day to day administration and implementation.

Anyway, just wanted to say good luck to everyone else on the forum, whether it's for a few MCPs of the whole lot.

No doubt i'll still kick around looking at the 2008 upgrade exams and helping people out when and where I can too.


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