Microsoft Test and Obvious Wrong Answers

I had thought after reading 3 books, that some answers in the books
seem so obviously wrong, and other answers just keep popping up again and are just thrown in there.

I thought perhaps some people could make a list on this topic of some obviously WRONG ANSWERS or CLUEs to wrong answers. I can start off with:

or something like, this. Microsoft doesn't seem to like the "Deny" Policy, so I thought this was an obviously wrong answer, that has a high percentage of being wrong.

2. When a Question is talking about VPN and Dial UP Connections, there's may be an answer thrown in about "Permisions" And the explanation rules it out, because they go on to explain this is a Network Connections questions, not a permissions questions, etc. There seems to be a lot of clues like this, that can rule out some answers .....


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    I personally prefer to never take an answer as an obvious wrong answer. That can lull one into a false sense of security. It would be better to look at the answers and say that ok this one is wrong because it does not fulfill this requirement or it invalidates this requirement. Then move on from there. Then pick an answer based off it meeting all of the conditions. If you aren't sure if it meets all of the conditions then read again. If you still are not sure then it is time for an educated guess, time for more study, and time to mark this question to come back to it again at the end of the test.
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    They might put a question in there that requires you to choose deny

    But you are right, all the study guides will tell you to use Deny as a very last result. It keeps permission troubleshooting simple and easy esp when you have thousands of users.
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