Dynamips autostart = false

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Found the answer,need to execute "start SW1"

I'm having some issue with the autostart feature, if i dont include it in my config as in the case with R6 all is good, once i run my .net file i can telnet to the router in question.When i do enable this feature the router doesnt initalize so i cant telnet to it.
What am i supposed to do to get SW1 running so i can telnet to it?

I'm sure i'm missing something very basic here, its just in the past i never bothered with autostart, but now if i create loads of routers my cpu will hit 100% before i have time to login and bring it down.


# Specify 3640 IOS image on Windows here:
image = C:\Dynamips\Multicast\c3640-jk9o3s-mz.124-16.extracted.bin
ram = 96
disk0 = 0
disk1 = 0
# Choose an idlepc value from the below
idlepc = 0x604d1a9c
mmap = true
ghostios = true

Router R6
model = 3640
console = 2006
slot0 = NM-4T
slot1 = NM-1FE-TX
F1/0 = LAN 1
cnfg = C:\Dynamips\EIGRP\IEv5\initial.eigrp\r6.txt

Router SW1
model = 3640
autostart = false
console = 2007
slot0 = NM-16ESW
F0/13 = LAN 1
F0/14 = SW3 F0/14
F0/15 = LAN 9
cnfg = C:\Dynamips\EIGRP\IEv5\initial.eigrp\sw1.txt
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    Yep, I use autostart = false for everything. Very nice when you have large multipurpose topologies set up in a single config file. Just pick and choose what you want to run and when you want to run it.
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