Behind the Power Curve Dilemma?

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Hey IT elect!

does it seem to you that no matter what we are always behind the power curve?
I know as technology advances with new this and new that so companies can keep pushing
their profit margins higher and higher!

How you deal with this dilemma. LIke as soon as I get CCNP it will be old news
and as soon as I finish my MCSE2003 I will be old news. I mean I have really learned Exchange 2003 but crap 2007 is in and 2003 is out. It is like running up to the finish
line and all of a sudden they move it 5K more? Am I the only one who feels this way
or what? How does one get up to the power curve and stay there??

It is like I have my experience in the older technology and need to study for the new certs. for example, experience in 2003 exchange but need 2007 exchange to remain competitive in job market ads that list a crap load of credentials they are looking for?

I mean my experience is in the old and the certs are in the new???? You know what I mean.
I mean you need experience in the certs and the certs itself. So how do you get both vs
studying old and new certs popping out. Am I making sense or what?? You guys who have old and new certs and the experience how do you do it? Are you just geniuses. I mean I am smart but to rifle thru certs like candy with exp. It takes time..

DO I just camp out at a New Horizons testing center and hammer certs out??? or what


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    I think the hardest part is getting up to speed. Once that's done, it really doesn't seem to be too bad to keep up with everything. I felt the same way after finishing my MCSE shortly after the new MCITP exams came out. Once you find your groove, you'll more than likely only need to take a couple of exams every few years. For example, it only takes one pro-level exam to keep an NP current.
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    Nothing wrong with being skilled in older technologies either. They will keep you more in demand. There are still companies out there that have yet to migrate off Novell for instance. So those people who have made a niche of Novell will be more highly prized. So likewise there will be people who will hold strong to Exchange 2003 as well which as the years progress will make those people who know Exchange 2003 more valuable. So I would recommend keep polishing what you do know in addition to learning the new that is of interest. As long as you can keep yourself from trying to do everything ciscojunipermicrosoftredhatrimnovellnortelohmy! you should be fine.
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    Its the nature of the IT beast my friend. There will always be new technologies coming out and if you don't learn them someone will.
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    haha "As long as you can keep yourself from trying to do everything ciscojunipermicrosoftredhatrimnovellnortelohmy! you should be fine."

    omg that is genius a metaphore or something omg that is so funny.
    but yeah i see your point...great...

    networker---tru dat!

    dynamik yeah you are right tooo once i get caught up sure I can do say 1 or 2 a year pace much better ;)

    thanks so much for guy's persective..
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    you know that is true about older technology. I really like 2003 windows and xp and think it is one of the best MS$$ has ever produced. And I hate vista and vista lookalike windows 2008(aka longhorn is it) and well even hate MS office 2007 (stupid look and feel)

    I really thinks 2003 will be around man I think atleast till 2015 or 2012. I think it is better than 2000 ever was....but it sucks that MS keep pushing new margins I guess it will work itself out but like i said 2003 exchange and 2003 EE servers are decent and seems only government(thru attrition and the their 3 year cycle push) and super companies who want top line will have the latest greatest technologies it seems
    but yeah will keep pushing ;)
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