Passed Essentials and IT

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I just took the Essentials (2007) and the IT option (also 2007). Got a 840 on the first test and 839 on the second. Did 2 week intensive study and did a lot of practice exams. I do have a long history in computers and networking and I think the practice exams helped a lot. Used the Sybex book set for study. Congrats to all that have passed and I guess Network+ is next although the Linux+ sure is interesting.

The sheet I was given with my scores on them say CompTIA A+ Essentials (2007 Edition) Exam Score Report 220-601 and CompTIA A+ 220-602 (2007 Edition) Exam, IT Technician Designation Score Report 220-602. Is this a 2007 version of the exam?


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    Congrats! :) Whatever you do, put those score reports in a safe place! If something wrong happens with the transmission of your score to CompTIA, then you have proof that you passed!!! That should be listed on the CompTIA website, whether the version that is currently being administered is 2007. Check the objectives, I believe it is listed there. Network+ is a great next step. Good luck!
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