CCDP Passed :D

well, i passed the CCDP today after several long weeks of study. I studied 5 days a week for about 6 hours a day. I was going to schedule the test for a week or two out, but I really want to start hitting up the CCIP and CCIE. I used the 2007 Student Guide Vol 1-2 for studying, which is all you really need. The reason for taking it early was because of the new cisco/pearsonvue code "COMEBACK2009" which means if you fail the test you can put in the code and you get a free re-take. So i thought to myself, what the hell, if I fail I can re-take it for free. Well, now its on to QoS 642-642. I am going to buy the book and get back to the CCIP/CCIE studies. good luck to those studying :)

now its time to drink some homebrew!! A nice hoppy IPA.


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