Need HELP for upgrade IOS for Cisco 2521

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Need help from guru's, I read that Cisco Router 2500 series can run funky IOS MPLS supported. I have the IOS that is included in the zip file but I am trying to load it to my 2521 series but no luck. I manage to access the rommon but it is different from the new rommon like 1700 series.

Can some one help me if this is true and how can I load the IOS from the 2500 series using xmodem. I have experienced with the xmodem before but different using rommon> and in my 2500 is appearing ">" only.

1 month to go for ISCW exam.



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    Change the config register to 0x2101 and boot into the RxBoot mode (IOS in ROM BIOS) and from there use TFTP.

    ROMmon Recovery for the Cisco 2500, 3000, AS5100, and uBR900 Series Routers - Ciscowiki
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    Whoa! a 2521. What's that : ) That's a classic.
  • cdad2000cdad2000 Senior Member Member Posts: 323
    BTW... Good luck on the ISCW ; )
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    Thanks Mike your really a guru.
    I successfully load the new funky IOS for my old 2521 Now I can test real MPLS.
    Acutally I have a series of old 2500 which our company is not using and just stock in our storage room. Luckily I google about mpls lab and read that their is an mpls for 2500 series which I know that it is not supported.

    After reading tones of MPLS books now I got it and really eager to configure it. Though not goot but understand clearly why MPLS is the next gen of WAN or I can say next gen Tech.

    I want to try also MPLS TE and after finishing CCNP I decided to take CCIP atleast 2 more exams to complete this BGP and MPLS.

    Yeah, Whoa! a 2521. What's that : ) That's a classic.........:) I have a couple of new routers 2800 series but since I want to build a big mpls lab in my office then why not use this stock routers. Right?
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    Hi folks.
    I'm in need of IOS with MPLS support for 2500 & 2600 .
    Cisco does not officially support MPLS on this platforms , so I can't get them on cisco's website.
    I need to run MPLS in my home lab, so I'm in dire need of the IOS for the above platforms.
    Any help ?

    Yeah , i know these are pretty old platforms , so need not remind me of that :D:D:D:D:D:D

    Thanks ,
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