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Hello Everyone,
Please I need someone who can help me with the MCDTS notes I want to take the exams and I need to Prepare for it, if anyuone is got it (preferably soft copy) please get to me. Thanks


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    go to ebay and type MCDST
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    belmarty wrote: »
    go to ebay and type MCDST

    Stick to the books though; it looks like everything else are ****.
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    Amrita Rao wrote: »
    Its simple just go this site and take it
    This site is best for MCDST

    Of course, the test would then be easy fish.

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    Does it really worth it that much to purchase Virtual Center? Would it be worth it to purchase

    Virtual center
    If I don't upgrade my VI3 from standard to Enterprise. The post above cheared me up a lot into

    buying it, but it did not
    mention what it will give & not give in standard edition.
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    Here Are some of my notes I am studying for the MCDST so will update as I go

    (Installing Windows XP)

    Minimum Requirements
    * 233 Mhz Processor - 300Mhz Recommended
    * 64 Mb Ram - 128 Recommended ( XP Can support up to 4 gig)
    * HD - 1.5gb.
    * Super VGA 800x600 or higher video adapter.

    ( Types of XP Install)

    Standard Install
    Automated Install
    Network Install

    ( Starting Windows Install From Command Line)

    Winnt.exe - Type this command in conjunction with Boot Disk Win 3.x ot MS-DOS
    Winnt32.exe - Win 95,98,ME,2000

    (Automated Install)

    Setup Manager: is used to specify answers to questions asked during Windows Install.
    UDF: Unique Database file contains settings which are unique to each Pc i.e computer name

    Disk Duplication - Image of HD is strimmed using Sysprep.

    RIS - Remote Installation Services

    PXE Compatible Network Card is required! otherwise a RIS has to be used to emulate a PXE environment.


    ( Benefits of NTFS)

    File+ Folder security NTFS permissions
    Increaded performance
    Disk Quotas allows you to control how much space a user can use.
    Disk Compression - Make files smaller
    Fine Encryption [ WIN XP PRO ONLY! ]


    FAT: Used for Partitions smaller than 2Gb
    FAT 32: Used for Partitions greater than 2Gb

    Windows XP cannot create FAT32 partitions smaller than 2Gb or larger than 32gb if larger then 32Gb windows will force you to use NTFS
    [ 3rd party apps can create larger FAT32 partitions if required)

    Windows NT 3.5 or 4.0 does not support FAT32!

    (Suported File Systems)

    Win 3.1 - FAT
    Win NT Server + workstation - FAT
    Win 95 - FAT
    Win 95 OSR2 - FAT + FAT32
    Wind 98 - FAT + FAT32
    Win ME - FAT + FAT32
    Win 2000 - FAT + FAT32 + NTFS
    Win XP - FAT + FAT32 + NTFS
    Win Server 2k3 - FAT32 + NTFS

    ( Note)

    If you have a dual boot machine with Windows XP and 98 when booting into 98 you will not be able to physically see the Windows XP partition as Windows 98 Does not support NTFS.

    (Upgrade Path for Windows XP)

    Win 95 - upgrade to windows 98 first!
    Win 98 - XP
    Win Me - XP
    Win N.T 3.5.1 workstation - N.T 4 SP5 - XP
    Win N.T 4 without SP5 - install SP5 - XP
    Win N.T 4 with SP5 - XP
    Windows 2000 - XP
    Windows XP Home - XP Pro


    You cannot upgrade NT 4.0 server, 2000 server, 2k3, Small Business server to XP

    Hope this helps a few people out I still have a little bit to go on chapter one but I can always update my notes.

    This notes work for me I took a test on this section of the book bearing in mind I have a few more pages of the chapter to do I failed by 3 marks.
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    ( Before Upgrading XP)

    Check Hardware requirements by clicking start menu selecting run and typing msinfo32

    Use the windows catalog to find out if your devices are supported by XP.

    (Migrating Existing Users)

    The two tools used

    Files and settings transfer transfer Wizard - Used for home and small Business.
    User State Migration Tool - USMT - Large Networks, INF files can be used to specify which items to transer across, Scripts can also be used.

    USMT relies on two command line tools Scanstate.exe - copy files, Loadstate.exe - load

    ( What files are transferred)

    USMT and File settings transfer wizard

    * Majority of display properties, Fonts, Mapped network drives, Network printers, Folder options.

    * My documents, My pictures, Desktop favorites

    *Files with extensions .doc .txt . csv. ch3 ( there are alot more to much to list)
    Microsoft's strategy to conquer the I.T industry

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