Recommended study materials for CCDA?

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I'm researching on what study materials I should use for CCDA. I know that I have a lot on my plate already as am currently studying other topics, but I feel eager to crack another Cisco cert as I have started to build my home lab in preparation for CCNP. I have noticed that CCDA has two Cisco Press books. One says its the Official Study Guide and the other says that its the Authorized Study Guide, got to love how diction always has a way of throwing curve balls once in a while.

Amazon.com: CCDA Official Exam Certification Guide (Exam 640-863) (3rd Edition): Anthony Bruno, Steve Jordan: Books

Amazon.com: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions (DESGN) (Authorized CCDA Self-Study Guide) (Exam 640-863) (2nd Edition): Diane Teare: Books

Rating for both doesn't seem too promising either... Can someone lend some of their insight to either study guide and/or possible other sources for CCDA study?

I am considering studying for CCDA before CCNP, yet have noticed that it seems to be the norm for many here on TE to take CCDA after CCNP. Any thoughts, pros and cons? Should I wait until after CCNP in order to study CCDA?


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    I've seen others suggest waiting on the DA until you're done with BSCI and BCMSN (maybe just the latter).
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    Cisco makes the same recommendation here:
    CCNA level knowledge and BCMSN level knowledge is needed to prepare for the CCDA certification exam.
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    i have the first book but have never read it so cant comment on its quality. However i have heard that the Teare book is the better of the two. But like i say thats what ive heard. Maybe someone could clarify this or correct me if im wrong?
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    I preferred the Diane Teare book between the two. I personally completed the CCNP before starting the CCDA, and felt it was a good refresher from the CCNP. Not too much new information just in depth a little more on some subjects.
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    Doing BCMSN before the CCDA will help you, but only so much as it's mostly the same information, plus some extra that is too in-depth for the CCDA material. It covers a lot of the same information for wireless and security and I think that's why they recommend doing BCMSN before.

    I read the Diane Teare book and didn't look at the other one much.
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