Where to go from here?

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So today I just passed 70-291 with a score of 700 (trolling the forums I see a few have squeaked by as well).

The best part is this was the last exam I had to take to earn my MCSA 2003! My question is where should I go from here? I would like to continue to work as a sys admin, but some have told me database administration is the way to go? I'm still relatively new in IT (only been doing this for 5 years, and this month marks my first full year as a sys admin). I would like to get a better grasp on Exchange and networking. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know it's a very generalized question, so sorry for that.


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    Go for your MCSE+Messaging or MCITP Messaging if Exchange interests you.

    You could also begin the CCNA to learn about networking
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