Dislocated Workers Program

Hey guys,

Just a heads up. Here in Minnesota we have something called the Dislocated workers program for people who got laid off and qualify for Unemployment benefits. Basically, you fill out some forms and formulate a "Get-A-Job" plan with a counselor. Included in that plan is of course, training which the State will pay for. In my case I was just approved today for $3,000. Not much when it comes to the cost of certification training but in my case this is gonna cover my last two MCSA exams, 70-290 & 70-291.

I would think other states must have something like this so all of you laid off IT folk, check into it and see if you qualify.

*A caveat for providing funding for training is that as an employee you were in a job role that typically requires a degree, certification or specialized training. The objective is to get you back into the job you had prior so they will pay for the training to get you the certifications

Finally, take a look at the following IT Industry article in a local newspaper in my area. Some food for thought...
IT Workers In Short Supply
1) CCNP Goal: by August 2012
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