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Roughly how much time should I spend studying for an exam like this a month 2 months?


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    This really depends on you. I don't like to study more than 3 hours a day not incuding a break somewhere in the middle. But your mileage will vary. Do you have a lot of experience? Are you already familiar with the terms? It you are brand new to It, it will take quite some time to prepare. If you have 10 years experience. it will take quite a bit less. My advice would be to read either the Sybex or Syngress book cover to cover. If you understand it, you are good to go. If you have areas you are weak on, you will need to focus on those. I find proactice tests are good indicators. I like transcender but I know other people recommend others.

    Sorry I can't give you a real answer but you don't really provide enough information on your background to give a better answer. The website recommends 6 months experience. If you have that then I don't see why you couldn't do it in a month if you put in the hours everyday. I see that you have the 70-290 so I think you will be able to handle the level of difficulty on this one.

    Good luck with it
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    It's take some time. Some people are good memoryzing information. For me is very difficult to memoryze a lot, it take some time. Also this exam cover a lot information like goforthbmerry said, you have to understand and know the diferences.

    So I recommend you read, read and read. It could be 2 month or 6 month, one try or three. I pass this exam in my second shot.

    +1 cent
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    Yeah it depends on you. Some guys get their MCSE in 1 year. It takes me much much longer than most because I'm autistic, and I can't afford video training.

    I wouldn't give a CompTIA exam more than 6 months, though.
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    Just report it under his name; replies just bump the threads and get him/her more exposure*.

    I'm aware of the irony of my response, but it's still on the front page, so I don't think I'm doing too much harm :D
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    It really depending on your background and experience. It only took me a week to pass. Don't over kill yourself. The exam is not that difficult, just a lot of materials that cover general security concept, idea, methods, techniques and procedures.
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    Loser gone :)

    Or at least the comments are ;)
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