what is the best way for study ccna

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Dear techexams friends

what is the best way for study CCNA by the way i have the CBT Nuggets and Sybex book but how can i start


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    Check out the CCNA FAQ

    Unless you already have Cisco experience, you may want to add Odom's Cisco Press CCNA Certification Library to your reading list. It also has the advantage of being 2 books in case you decide to do the 2 exam option and get both the CCENT and the CCNA.

    Start reading. Start watching the videos. Get ready to start practicing the hands on tasks in the exam blueprint(s). Get familiar with the Cisco Online Documentation.

    Hands on practice is important to help you learn and remember the material, so start figuring how you'll get that practice. People usually get lab access with work labs, school labs, build home labs, or get a simulator.

    Good Luck with your studies. icon_study.gif
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    luke_bibbyluke_bibby Member Posts: 162
    the first page ;)

    I found the best way for me (using the Cisco Press books) was to read the book once over, do some labs (hands on or sim), read each chapter again while making notes, do some more labs, then keep reviewing your notes, practice subnetting!

    Hope that helped :)
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    Depends how you are as a person
    I don’t really like Cisco press books for introductions to a subject; just how they are written is not always friendly so in your case I would read the Sybex book first. In my experience they are user friendly but i would use the Cisco press as a Reference “god book if you will”.
    Set a day a side where you don't need to talk to anyone "take a day off work you are investing in your future” on this / these days go through Topics you need to get down IP addressing, routing principles, Access Lists “all types”, Network Address Translation. These day’s can be up to 12 hours long so get a taste beverage of the caffeinated kind Lots of it being English Tea is the only thing for it.
    Once you have the fundamentals down then I normally do 2 hours a day reading and 2 of test’s or Lab. If you have questions that are raised in the subject Google them normally using the command you are issuing, this may well not be needed for the certification but it may fill in the back ground to what you are doing and may help you place subjects better.
    Cisco online command documentation is very good read it if you have time it will also give you idea’s for labs.
    GNS3 is your friend if you don’t have the Kit saying that even if you do it is great you can do nearly everything you would want with a 2600 advanced ip services image if you can get it. Boson Labs are very good from a switching perspective i was lucky enough to get them with my mcgrawhill CCNA book also recommended.
    Testing Transcender Test exams are good and I always buy them as i just charge it back to my company :)
    Tea, Time, Trancsender, all you need :)

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