multiple job offers

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yesterday i got a few job offers

1. voice apps analyst : cti , telco and scripting all ot this i have done in the past but i haven't touched a system is about a year but i remember most of it and they have a few other requirements

2. manager over voice apps.. same stuff just but as manager

3. network engineer.. done this before bust they want mostly exchange for this which i'm not strong in

however i'm working for a big car manufacturer in their lan dept on a project config and rolling out cisco 3550's supposed to go 6 weeks but i have been told end of the year but i may have to go out of state on a contract for my biz for a month

anybody got an ideas?
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    If you are actually involved in rolling out those 3350's, and the job pays well, I'd stick with that one.

    As for option 3, I think it is easier to adjust to that one. You could go for the MCSA:Messaging cert ;)
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    well it pays below what i normally get for touching any cisco equipment but it is consistant and it has been a learning experience. i hope will be here to help in the setup of the 6500 switch. that alone is worth it for me besides getting my skill up again for retaking the ccna
    i haven't asked what the voice apps jobs pays or the net engineer pays but i will have to seriously weigh it out if i can find out what my current contract will do

    thx for response
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    I Agree with Johan......However Best of luck to you in your decision, I'm sure you will do fine!! :D
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